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Planting Material

Quality planting materials determine the profitability of rubber plantation investment. At RRIMCORP, we produced clone RRIM 928, RRIM 929, RRIM 2023, RRIM 2025, RRIM 3001 (1Malaysia), PB 260, PB 350 and we work closely with our clients to ensure timely delivery of quality planting materials for the needs of the rubber industry.

We have 2 groups of clones available. If you are interested to purchase and/or to know more about the types of clones available under each category, you can contact us directly or click here to order / for enquiries.

Latex Timber ClonesLatex Clones
  • High latex yield and rubber wood production
  • Good growth vigor and possess long straight boles
  • Suitable for the production of latex and rubber wood or rubber wood only Latex Clones

Rhizobium innoculant: It is a growth enhancer for the leguminous cover crops.

Benefits from innoculating legumesLegumes Usage
  • Prevention of Nitrogen starvation for the plant / in the soil
  • Inoculation reserves soil nitrogen for future crops
  • Inoculation increases crop yield
  • Inoculation improves protein content in plant
  • Inoculation insures richer green manures
  • Increase soil fertility and soil texture
  • Reduction in fertilizer cost and abatement of environmental pollution

Rhizobium innoculant is inexpensive, safe, and easy to use. It is routinely tested for purity and viability.
Botanical Name of Legumes species available: Centrosema, Pueraria, Calopogonium, Mucuna

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