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Establishment of the Corporation

RRIM-Consult Corporation, established on 1st July 2002, was formed under Section 45(1) of the Malaysian Rubber Board (Incorporation) Act 1996 through an order viz. the Malaysian Rubber Board (Establishment of Corporation) (RRIM-Consult Corporation) Order 2011. The Corporation became fully operational on 1st September 2002 and its operations are governed by two regulations as follows:

  • Malaysian Rubber Board (RRIM-Consult Corporation) Regulations 2001 [P.U. {A} 393/2001]
  • Malaysian Rubber Board (Registrar of Corporations) Regulations 2001 [P.U. {A} 391/2001]

RRIM-Consult Corporation (commonly referred to as RRIMCORP) is wholly owned by the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB).

Purpose and Objective of RRIMCORP

The purpose and objective for which RRIMCORP was established is to generate income for the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) through the marketing and commercialising of the research findings, expertise and goodwill of the MRB, by undertaking consultancy and other related activities.

The functions of RRIMCORP shall be to assist MRB on commercialisation, via the following activities:

  • provide technical advice for developing, transferring, exploiting, marketing and promoting research findings;
  • provide consultancy services to the rubber industry;
  • complement the MRB’s function in conducting training programmes and organizing seminars and conferences in line with the needs of the rubber industry;
  • provide technical advice in relation to growing, production, processing and product manufacturing activities where such activities are related to the rubber industry and
  • to publish or sponsor the publication of periodicals, booklets and other information materials.

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